Handle, compare & enjoy!

Request your Sample Box now and make the right choice!

Natural stone or parquet? Light grey or dark grey? Or maybe something colourful? Choosing a new floor is not as easy as it sounds! Are you still hesitating between different colours or styles? Impermo has the perfect solution for you!

5 reasons to request a Sample Box

  1. You can study the tile samples hours on end if you want to. We want you to be totally convinced when placing your order.
  2. You can see what the tiles look like, day and night.
  3. You can check whether the colour and texture of the floor goes well with your interior.
  4. You can put the different samples side by side and make a thorough comparison. Sometimes, there seems to be little difference at first, but still, one shade of colour may be just that tiny little bit better.
  5. You can make sure the floor is scratch- and wear-resistant, because it goes without saying you want top quality!