Who is who

Impermo is a dynamic family business in full expansion. A passion for tiles, parquet and natural stone is the main theme, and has been so for nearly 100 years. Over the years, Impermo has grown to become one of the leading tile specialists in the Benelux. Our secret? 85 driven, passionate employees, teamwork and a clear vision.

Business managers

Silvie Stultjens - Business manager

Filip Stultjens Business manager

Luk Stultjens Business manager


Ann Gijsens - Managing director

Diether Claeys - Sales & marketing manager

Tim De Wilde - Retail sales manager

Ruben Ramaekers - IT manager

Team Sint-Truiden

Sigrid Baerts - Branch manager

Carine Tuts - Sales

Kim Huyskens Sales

Chloë Verschueren Sales

Roald Leeman Sales

Rony Rigo - Collection counter

Ewa Stochel - Maintenance showroom

Ingrid Thevissen - Maintenance showroom

Fouzia Rougui - Maintenance showroom

Team Wetteren

Nicky De Lathouwer - Brand manager

Bert Goossens Sales

Lynn De Smedt Sales

Calik Mücahit - Warehouse

Hilde Bouquet - Maintenance showroom

Team Antwerp

Nick Ruymaekers - Branch manager

Yannick Pintjens Sales

Joke Claas Sales

Martine De Bryun Sales

Maili Verbraeken Sales

Indy Van Doren Sales

Robin Goethals - Warehouse

Tijani Harchaoui - Maintenance showroom

Team Ostend

Julie Zeebroek - Branch manager

Babette Schelfaut Sales

Ronny Reynders Sales

Nick Vanacker - Warehouse

Team Geel

Maarten Vaes - Branch manager

Ching Nga Yik Sales

Machim Michielsen Sales

Mathijs Heyligen Sales

Bjorn Langen - Warehouse and maintenance showroom

Team Sint-Pieters-Leeuw

Sybren Sunaert - Branch manager

Nick Van Gucht Sales

Michaël D'Hasseler Sales

Jaleel Abdel - Warehouse

Team Kortrijk

Marie-Pierre Comhaire - Branch manager

Vicky Vermeulen Sales

Kiona Weise Sales

Team Cash&Carry Hasselt

Ayari Vinck - Branch Manager

Hans Vuchelen Sales

Kimberley Johannsen Sales

Team Cash&Carry Waregem

Gunther Moens - Sales


Cajot Catharina - Projects manager

Anne Polleunis - Projects & sales

Logistics and warehouse

Sven Claes - Manager logistics

Marco Hayen - Warehouse

Jimmy Michiels - Warehouse

Robby Brans Warehouse

Richard Yntema - Warehouse

Bert Stas - Warehouse

Accounting and administration

Ann Appeltans - Administration and showroom decoration

Thomas Geelen - Business controller

Bart Vandendael - Accounting and administration

An Schepers - Accounting and administration

Laurien Biets - Accounting and administration


Stéphanie Vanelderen - HR & management assistant

Anke Paesmans - Recruiter

Customer service

Heidi Blavier Customer service

Lien Dodion - Customer service

Laurent Hermus Customer service

Jacques Gouders Customer service

Chantal Fransen Customer service

Ralf Robijns Customer service

Nik Cloots - Technical expert and prevention

Marketing and communication

Diether Claeys - Sales & marketing manager

Bram Van Hoof - Graphic design marketing officer

Sofie Janssens Marketing officer


Gunter Biesemans - Procurement manager

Debby Vangoetsenhoven - Purchasing administration

Tom Claes Purchasing administration

Stien Robijns Purchasing administration

Anneleen Festjens Purchasing administration

Hanne Gorissen Purchasing administration

Showroom equipment

Gerty Boffin - Showroom manager

Heidi Dupont - Price indication and showroom administration

Sandy Ruylofts - Showroom administration

Pedro Thierie - Sample service and showroom design

Erwin Steenbergen - Sample service and showroom design

Nico Smeers Sample service and showroom design

Stefaan Jamar Sample service and showroom design

Koen Put Sample service and showroom design

Johan Olislagers Sample service and showroom design


Ruben Ramaekers - IT manager

Jordy Baldewijns - IT

Wesley Vandebroeck - Application management


Kim Gijbels - Facility manager

Frank Dorissen - Facilities

Thomas Vanspauwen - Facilities

Davy Thierie - Facilities

Ken Bernaers - Facilities