Frequently asked questions in general

How many locations does Impermo have? 

Impermo has showrooms in Sint-Truiden, Antwerp, Wetteren, Ostend, Geel, Sint-Pieters-Leeuw and Courtrai. There are 2 Cash&Carry stores in Hasselt and Waregem.

How can Impermo offer such competitive rates?

Impermo has a unique approach: through our direct contacts with carefully selected manufacturers around the world, we can have our tiles produced there according to our specifications and quality requirements. The tiles come directly from the factory to you, our customer. This means various cost items disappear or are significantly reduced. In addition, Impermo orders in large volumes, which drives down the price even more. As a result, you enjoy the best rates on the market for high-quality tiles and natural stone.

How can we ensure the quality of the tiles and the natural stone?

Impermo attaches great importance to quality and transparent communication. You can always check the quality of the tiles on the packaging: the classification is always explicitly mentioned. Our private label Tilestone offers you the guarantee of top quality at a competitive price: the collection only includes tiles that are produced especially for Impermo according to our strict quality requirements. Regular quality checks at our manufacturers and at Impermo itself ensure consistent production. Our natural stone is strictly selected at quarries with whom we have built a long, personal relationship. The CE quality label offers you even more peace of mind!

What about the warranty?

All materials are covered by the usual factory warranties. Breakage? No panic, contact our customer service to plan an exchange in the shop of your choice. Take into account a breakage tolerance of 2%. If a tile shows a visible defect, do not place it under any circumstances and contact Impermo immediately. We will send a specialist or a representative of the manufacturer from abroad on the spot. In such a case, we immediately take back the tiles and exchange them for 100% error-free tiles. See also the general and special conditions for more information.

I find all the info on your website. Why should I visit one of the showrooms?

Visiting our showrooms is absolutely worthwhile! (even if we say so ourselves!) You'll find no simple shelves with tiles in our showrooms: instead, there are plenty of mood boxes, so you get a lot of inspiration for your renovation or construction project. The showrooms are nice and cosy to wander around and you are welcomed by our enthusiastic staff. They listen to you and are perfectly up-to-date with the latest trends. They will gladly advise you about the tile or natural stone that fits your lifestyle!

How are payments made?

You pay an advance at the time you place your order. As soon as you plan the final date for delivery or collection (at the latest 4 working days before you need your goods), Impermo asks you to pay the full payment by bank transfer.

What do I have to do exactly at the first maintenance of my new floor

At least one week after grouting, the floor should only be cleaned the first time with a dirt remover or a cement film remover, even if you do not see any veil or grout. Cement particles are microscopically small and settle if they come into contact with water. In no case should you clean your floor with clean water, which could make further maintenance difficult.

Are there extra conditions for tilers, contractors, project builders, flats, ...?

Impermo cooperates intensively with various construction companies. Every project is discussed in detail and customised.

Does Impermo do a little extra on top of the low prices when I purchase floors and walls for the entire house?

In case of a quote for a complete property, we check whether we can give you an additional discount on the materials you buy - in addition to the sharp net prices.

Why are certain prices in the showroom indicated in red and others in white?

The red prices are stock items that are available within 2 or 3 days. The white prices are items that we have to order from our suppliers, so you have to wait a little while.

I like natural stone, but I hear so many negative comments. Should I believe them?

In general, natural stone requires more attention than a ceramic tile. Yet, the negative image of natural stone is usually exaggerated. Depending on the type of stone, we offer a specialised maintenance and placement sheet. There are wonderful professional maintenance products available that ensure that your floor is well protected and easy to maintain. If you still manage to make a stain, we will gladly help you to remove it quickly using an extensive and efficient stain guide.

Does natural stone easily scratch and stain?

Natural stone is the denominator of all that nature has to offer in stone. There are many different kinds that each have their own specific properties. Limestone has the habit of being more sensitive and is therefore additionally protected. Thanks to the wide range of good maintenance products you do not have to worry.

Does Impermo send samples on request?

After a visit to our showrooms, you can collect a sample of stock tiles in our warehouses for a small fee of €5. In case of a later order, this fee will be deducted from your order. You don't have to return the sample.

Do I have to buy full packs?

Orders are made per full packs, so there is little damage risk. With some articles such as natural stone, for which the packaging is too large, you can buy tiles (with the exception of laying patterns).

Are tiles heavy? Can I collect myself?

A ceramic tile of 9mm thick weighs about 19kg per m². In a normal car you can load about 17m² of tiles. Collecting in 2-3 rides is also possible. A trailer is always more convenient. We place the pallet with the forklift in the trailer if the load capacity permits it.

How many people work at Impermo?

A team of around 85 enthusiastic employees is at your service.

How can I benefit from the reduced VAT rate of 6%?

In Belgium, a reduced rate applies under certain conditions to an existing home. Details can be found on the official site It comes down to the fact that only a recognised contractor or tiler can invoice at the reduced rate for renovations of homes older than 10 years.  In that case you agree with your installer that he purchases the tiles at 21% and invoices you at 6%. In the case of self-installation, the reduced rate never applies.

What is the standard VAT rate in Belgium?

21%. All our indicated prices include 21%, both in the showroom and on the website.

Can I claim back VAT abroad if I have a VAT number?

If it can be demonstrated via an official transport document that the goods have crossed the border (CMR consignment note) and a valid VAT number can be presented, VAT is not applicable for exports within the EU.

How long is the delivery time after ordering?

Most goods are immediately available from stock. If an item is not in stock, the average term is 1 week if the manufacturer's depot in Belgium has the goods at its disposal. If not, a period of 3 weeks is customary for an order abroad. Only in exceptional cases it can take longer. 

How do I know when my order is available?

Via you can always follow up the status of your order. From quotation to order, storage and collection to delivery, additional orders and returns.

I am interested in a promo but do not need it immediately, can I already make a reservation?

An order can be stored for free for a period of 3 months. Afterwards, the order can still be kept safe for free in our warehouses, but the balance has to be paid. The maximum storage period is up to 1 year after the order date.

How are tiles delivered?

The tiles are unloaded at the last accessible place for the truck. You are personally responsible for bringing in the supplied tiles. 

How much is an advance payment?

21% when placing an order, the balance upon delivery or a maximum of 3 months after the order date.

What about broken tiles?

It goes without saying that you buy undamaged materials. Broken tiles are exchanged for free in the warehouses if they are offered. Take into account a breakage tolerance of 2%. Impermo always tries to comply with the same tonality (colour) and calibre (dimensional stability) if the customer can communicate it. (info only on the packaging)

Where can I find the general terms and conditions of sale of Impermo?

You can find these on the disclaimer page.

Does Impermo install tiles?

We don't have our installation team, but we can provide all necessary material (glue, grout, glue comb etc.) Our employees continuously follow training so that they are aware of the latest placement techniques. For the practical realisation, however, we refer to the professional. We work closely with installation partners. Click here for an overview of our partners.

How do I measure the surface of my home?

It is customary for the architect to provide you with a detailed summary of quantities. It shows per floor how many m² of tiles and rm of skirting you need. These sizes are usually the strictly mathematical net sizes without taking into account cutting losses. If you fit the tiles yourself, you calculate the length x the width in metres per room. For the skirting boards, take into account the doors, the windows that reach the floor and any cupboards such as the kitchen or cloakroom.

How much cut loss (waste) do I have to count?

You count the following losses for normal rooms (from +/- 4x4m), placed right. In smaller rooms, you count 5% more waste. mosaics: <5% waste 30*30: 5% 45*45: 7% 60*60: 9%> 60*60: 11% or more

Do I need more tiles when I want to place them diagonally or in a laying pattern?

On average, you have 5% more placement loss when you place diagonally (in lozenge shapes). For a laying pattern, you count 7% waste.

What should I pay attention to when I want to place tiles on floor heating?

In general, almost all materials are well suited for placement on floor heating, provided that a number of points are taken into account. In any case, it is preferable to install on a screed (cement screed). The heating pipes are best placed 4-5cm below the surface. For tiles or natural stone, it is very important that the bonding is done with a high-performance flex adhesive mortar. More information can be found under the heading placement or when you click on the Weber Broutin logo. Joints are finished with a flex joint mortar. During the jointing, the last joint that adheres to the wall remains open to guarantee operation. The skirting closes this gap. The screed tape against the walls may only be removed after grouting. For large surfaces, fine discrete expansion joints are used in the colour of the joint. The floor heating must be switched off for at least two days before installation. The screed must be laid at least 3 weeks before placing tiles.

Can parquet be placed on top of floor heating?

Yes, if you use a sub-parquet and two-component PU glue. Usually, we use a mosaic parquet for this. The BBRI recommends maintaining a maximum installation height of 23mm in order not to lose too much energy due to the insulating effect of wood. The most used combination is a board of maximum 14cm wide and 14mm thick on a sub-parquet in mosaic of 8mm thick, each glued with 2-component glue. It is even safer to opt for semi-solid ready parquet. Starting up the heating will have to be done slowly and according to schedule.

Can I place tiles on my existing floor covering in tiles or removed carpet?

Yes, you use a high-performance flex adhesive mortar for this. A primer is recommended for smooth glazed tiles. Detailed information can be found under the heading placement.

How do I drill a hole in a tile?

For mounting brackets, shower rods, toilet roll holders and the like, a glass drill should be used for both ceramic and glazed tiles. Usually 6 or 8mm. It is a drill in the form of a small spear. When you can ensure that there is no risk of electric shock, cooling the drill with running water is a good tool to prevent the drilling head from becoming dull. Sometimes only two holes can be made with one drill. This is normal.

Let the drill run slowly by choosing a low speed on a screwdriver for instance. The onset is sometimes difficult when the tile or glaze is too slippery. To solve this, take the drill off the machine and make a small hole in the top layer of the tile with the drill as if it were a chisel.

There are various techniques for removing large pieces. If the opening is adjacent to the side of the tile, it is advisable to cut dozens of strips with a (water-cooled) diamond saw from the side, then tap them away with a hammer and slide the impure side along the saw.

When the hole falls in the middle of the tile, the easiest way is to use a clock for ceramic tiles. If this does not work because of the hardness of the tile, or the shape of the desired hole, the hole must also be drawn on the back of the tile and cuts should be made using a small grinding disc. The cuts in the back are wider than the size of the hole at the front due to the thickness of the tile. Check often whether you're not cutting too deep. Keep in mind that the tile is much more fragile when you manipulate it. Once fitted, there is no risk.

Are the prices including VAT?

The prices in the web shop include 21% VAT.

How do I know if an item is in stock?

This is indicated in the web shop per product.

The article that I want to buy is not in stock. Can I order it anyway?

Items that are not in stock cannot be ordered. Consult our web shop regularly. We continually supplement our stock. The next time you visit our web shop, we will probably have the tile of your choice in stock again!

How do I know how much glue I should order?

You will find an indication of how much glue you need per m2 on the site.

What if I want technical information about a product?

With most floors, you will find a technical sheet with an explanation about the installation and maintenance of this specific floor.

How do I place an order?

On My Impermo, you easily and quickly confirm the number of items you want to order. You can also arrange the payment and delivery of your goods in a few clicks.

How much are the costs for the delivery of my order?

1. The delivery cost of your order in the Benelux depends on the weight of your order:

  • € 45 - <1000kg
  • € 85 - 1000-2000kg
  • € 35 - per each following ton automatically shows you the right delivery cost. 

Can I cancel or change an order when I change my mind?

As long as you have not paid the full amount and you have not scheduled the final delivery or collection, you can cancel or change your order easily via My Impermo.

How long is the delivery time after ordering?

The delivery of your goods can already take place 4 days after ordering.

What payment options are there?

Payment is made online via My Impermo.

My items have been delivered, but my order is damaged. What should I do?

Contact our customer service at They do everything they can to solve this as quickly as possible!

I would like to order extra articles. How do I do that?

On My Impermo you can easily and quickly order items, pay and schedule the delivery or collection.

I would like to return articles. How do I do that?

For orders placed in one of our showrooms:
Returning installation materials such as glue, grout, profiles, ... is possible per item (in unopened package) within 30 days after the delivery of your order. If you have received your delivery in a package, you can easily and quickly indicate your return items via My Impermo. Make sure that the packaging has not been opened. Afterwards, you send the parcel back with the parcel service of your choice. Within the month you will be refunded the purchase price.

For orders placed on the webshop:
Materials ordered through the Impermo-web shop can be returned within 14 days. To do so, you should contact our customer service (011/681026). We arrange the collection of the goods via our carrier. We do ask for the pallet to be packed and put on the curb outside. The cost for the collection of the goods depends on the weight: € 45 - <1000kg, € 40 - 1000-2000kg, € 35 - per each following ton. These costs and a one-off administrative cost of € 25 are deducted from reimbursement.

Important! If you want to return your order, we ask you to return the entire order. 

Frequently asked questions Sample Box

What is a Sample Box?

The Sample Box is a sample that you receive by mail. It contains all your ordered samples, the Impermo catalogue and all the necessary information so that you can experience the structure and appearance of the tile at home.

How do I request a Sample Box? 

You select the samples you want to receive online. You pay €5 per Sample Box. After 7 working days*, you receive it at home.

Can I request a sample of all products?

No, each product on the website and web shop has an indication whether or not it is possible to request a sample.

Do I need to create an account to request a Sample Box?

If you do not yet have a client account with Impermo, we ask you to create one when you request a Sample Box. You will immediately receive an account on My Impermo, where you can easily and quickly place your entire order after having received your samples.

Do you also send Sample Boxes abroad?

Yes, you can request a Sample Box in the entire Benelux. In most cases, you will need to add a day to the delivery time.

Do I have to pay to receive the Sample Box?

You pay €5 per Sample Box, but your Box also comes with a €5 voucher. Do you place an order? Then simply deduce the amount of the voucher. Enter the code when placing your order. If you come to one of our showrooms to order, just give your voucher to our showroom advisor. So, that means the Sample Box is free.

How quickly do I receive my Sample Box?

After having selected the tiles of your choice online, you will receive your Sample Box after 7 working days*.

How many samples can I request?

You can request 1 sample per article per customer number and per postal address. You can request a maximum of 4 samples in your Sample Box. If you request samples of a tile with a thicker size, such as 2cm thickness, you can only request 2 samples per Sample Box.

I request a Sample Box for the second time. Do I have to pay again?

Yes. When requesting a new Sample Box, you pay €5 again. Of course, your Box will also come with a €5 voucher that you can use when placing an order.

My question is not in the above list, what should I do?

Send your question to or chat live with our customer service on our website. They will be happy to help you! 

* This availability is communicated without commitment. No delay can give rise to compensation.

Frequently asked questions XXL ceramic plates 

What are XXL ceramic plates?
XXL ceramic plates are ceramic floor and wall tiles of 120x120cm and larger.

Can ceramic plates be delivered?

Ceramic plates cannot be delivered. They can only be picked up (on Wednesdays and Saturdays) in the collection warehouses of Impermo Sint-Truiden, Wevelgem, Sint-Pieters-Leeuw, Wetteren and Antwerp. Pick-ups in the collection warehouses of Geel and Ostend are not possible.

What should I take into account when picking up my plates?

Before loading, you open the box with an employee of Impermo. We check for fractures, and you sign off on the receipt.
You should be two people to pick up your ceramic plates.
Make sure you have sufficient cloths or other protective material to optimise transport.
Remember you need enough space to load the plates. We recommend at least 5cm of margin around the plates to apply the protective material.